RENEC launches its new wallet extension – DEMON Wallet

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RENEC Wallet Extension

The RENEC wallet extension is a limitless web3-based blockchain technology. Web3 technologies enable the creation of applications that are not controlled by a single entity or organization, but rather are decentralized and run on a network of computers.

This allows for greater transparency, security, and autonomy in the way these applications function. Other important Web3 technologies include decentralized file storage systems, decentralized identity solutions, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.


The RENEC Wallet Extension is called ‘Demon Wallet’. The Wallet Extension on Chrome, ‘Demon Wallet’, is officially available on Chrome Web Store.


RENEC Wallet full features:

  • Create wallet/Import wallet
  • RENEC Deposit/Withdrawal & Transaction History
  • Stake/Unstake RENEC & Staking rewards
  • RENEC Swap (coming soon)
  • Personal customization (language, dark mode, auto-locker, etc.)
  • The Demon Wallet is a very easy-to-use interface.


Follow the Installation Video Instruction

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