Here’s What Matters in What Musk Says: X Will Soon Stream Video To Spaces

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Elon Musk’s Latest Move: Video Streaming Coming to X Spaces

Elon Musk has announced that X, which was once known as Twitter, will stream video to Spaces, which is the live audio chat element of the social network. The functionality is scheduled to be released by X by the end of the year, but Musk stated that it will be released “certainly by early next year.”

A Straightforward Experience

Musk clarified that the process would be user-friendly, allowing individuals to toggle video on or off at their discretion. In multi-speaker scenarios within Spaces, the video stream will dynamically switch to the active speaker, akin to features in platforms like Google Meet.

Observing the body language of individuals while they are speaking is beneficial. The ability to see someone’s face and body language increases the amount of information that can be sent,” Musk added.

Unveiling Body Language in Conversations

Highlighting the value of visual cues, Musk further emphasized that through the incorporation of video into Spaces, X most certainly expects that it will provide users with a means to further engage with their audience on the social network without the need to go to a platform that a third party provides.

Enhancing User Engagement on X

The fact that X introduced a new function over the summer that enables users to broadcast live video on the social network is something that should be brought to your attention. Facebook Live and Instagram Live are examples of other platforms offering live video streaming services, and this functionality is somewhat comparable to those services.

Evolution from Twitter Spaces to X Spaces

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature known as Spaces was initially launched in 2021, and it was considered to be a direct competitor to Clubhouse, which had acquired popularity during the time. Only the function was renamed from Twitter Spaces to X Spaces after Musk took control of the social network. Not only that, but he has not made any significant modifications to Spaces since he took over social networking. At this point, Musk and X are prepared to expand spaces outside of audio-only discussions.

A Spaces session that took place yesterday attracted many personalities in the tech industry, including Andrew Tate, Vivek Ramaswamy, Alex Jones, and others. Musk made the revelation during the discussion. Following the results of a user poll, the CEO of Tesla hosted the Spaces session. This occurred after the account of Alex Jones was reinstated on the platform. Jones is notorious for spreading rumors and conspiracies regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

Source: Afriupdate

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