DALLAS AIR DISASTER – Shocking Moment Two Planes Collide Midair With 6 Crew Dead As Horrified Crowd Watches

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SIX people are dead after two planes collided in a midair crash, hitting the ground in a fiery crash during a performance for Veterans Day weekend.

The accident happened on Saturday day around 11.30 in the morning outside the Dallas Executive Airport during a WWII-themed airshow for the public called Wings Over Dallas.

It appears the pilots were flying planes similar to aircraft flown during the war.

According to the FAA, the planes were a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63.

As the B-17 was heading toward the airport, the smaller P-63 seemingly came out of nowhere and clips the back of the larger aircraft, sending both of them to the ground.

Several people in attendance filmed the shocking moment with their shock able to be heard as the planes fall.

Fireballs exploded in the air and almost immediately sirens can be heard in the background.

According to video shared on social media, the larger plane was split in half on impact, relatively close to a crowd of people watching from the outskirts of the airport.

“It’s like literally as you looked up you saw the big plane and then you saw one of the little planes split off from the three and then as soon as it split off it’s like they just collided into each other and the little plane split the big plane in half. I honestly can’t believe that we witnessed that, like just standing here underneath it,” said witness Morgan Curry to NBC.

“We were all just standing there like ‘what just happened?’”

An announcement on the intercom tried to keep spectators calm, informing them to remain in place.

It’s unknown how many people were onboard each plane or if there were any injuries.

The area has been sectioned off as first responders arrived at the scene.

The Commemorative Air Force confirmed that both planes were from the Houston area.

“This afternoon, two aircraft were involved in a mid-air collision at Dallas Executive Airport. The aircraft were a B-17 Flying Fortress and P-63 Kingcobra, both out of Houston.

“Currently, we do not have information on the status of the flight crews as emergency responders are working the accident.

“The Commemorative Air Force is working with local authorities and the FAA, and the NTSB will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.”

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